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Jim Broadbent visited the club on Monday 4th August and entertained a full house in the Playhouse Cinema's largest, 215-seat, screen with a lively Q&A, chaired by club chairman Alex McMullen, after our screening of Le Week-End.


He talked about the making of Le Week-End, in which he stars alongside Lindsay Duncan and Jeff Goldblum, and some of the many feature films and TV plays and series in which he's appeared. He contrasted the tightly scripted Le Week-End, shot in just 21 days, with some of his other films, especially those he's made with director Mike Leigh, which are developed over several months, with much improvisation and no written script. And the films in which he's played historical characters, such as WS Gilbert in Topsy-Turvy, have involved him in extensive research.


Asked if he'd ever played a really bad character he said he had been a bent policeman in an episode of Only Fools And Horses. He also confirmed that he had been asked to play the comedy series' lead, Del Boy, but turned it down because he was acting on stage in the West End at the time. Typically modest, he claimed that was a good thing because no-one would have heard of the show if he'd taken the part!


Jim Broadbent signed a poster for Le Week-End which we will now auction to raise funds for St Andrew's Hospice, his suggestion for the local charity to whom we should give the proceeds.


8th August 2014




Our latest annual charity screening, of 'the Proclaimers musical', Sunshine On Leith, in July, raised £250 for this year's chosen local charity, Louth & District Branch of the Royal British Legion, an appropriate good cause, we felt, in this 100th year since the outbreak of World War 1, which led to the foundation of the British Legion in 1921. There's also a connection with the film, about two soldiers returning home after serving in Afghanistan.


8th August 2014



As you may have noticed, the club website has had a major overhaul.


We've chosen a rather simpler design, which we believe is more attractive and easier to navigate. And the black text on a pale background should be easier on the eyes than the previous white out of dark blue.


Click on the Past Films button and besides the usual year-by-year lists of films, with links to details, you can download a new catalogue of all the films we've ever shown, up to and including January 2014, the end of our previous club year: date of screening, title, country, year of release, genre, director and leading cast members.


On the same page you can now also download the audience survey results for the three years that we've been asking people to give our films a star rating, again up to January 2014. Results for the current year are updated after every film and put up on our new club noticeboard in the Playhouse Cinema, in the Screen 2 foyer.


Details of all the club awards can now be found by clicking on the About LFC button and then on Our Awards.


14th March 2014


Paolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty (La Grande Belleza), which we are showing as part of our Italian Film Festival in September, was a multiple winner in the recent round of film award ceremonies. It won Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars and the Golden Globes, Best Film Not In The English Language at the Baftas and Best European Film at the European Film Awards.


We will be screening The Great Beauty on Monday 8th September, the second film in our celebration of Italian film-making on all five Mondays of that month. Click on What's On or see our printed programme for further details.


At the European Film Awards another upcoming club film, Love Is All You Need (15 December) won the European Comedy award. At the British Independent Film Awards Metro Manila (18 August) took two of the top prizes, for Best British Film and Best Director.


13th March 2014


Our programme for the new club year, running from February 2014 to January 2015, has now been published. The club will be showing the cream of recent releases from around the world, from as far apart as India and Chile, Afghanistan and the USA, as well as from several of our European neighbours and also here in the UK, where thereís been a flurry of excellent new independent films. And the programme includes four truly great classic movies, newly restored and re-released.

Itís been a particular rich year for Italian films and in September the club is switching from its normal fortnightly evenings for a festival of films from Italy on five consecutive Mondays. These will include the 2013 European Film of the Year, The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza), and the just re-released Cinema Paradiso, one of the most popular foreign-language films ever made.

Go to the What's On page for titles and dates, and click on the titles or posters for further details and links to trailers. But do also pick up our free, full-colour printed programme, from the Playhouse Cinema or from Off The Beaten Tracks record shop at 36 Aswell Street or from Louth Library or the Tourist Information Office. You can join the club at the Playhouse on club nights or at Off The Beaten Tracks.

Membership forms, for new and renewing members, can be found inserted into the printed programmes or can be downloaded from the website (see Join us page). The cost of membership is just £10 for the year, allowing you to buy club film tickets for only £4, and if you join before either or both of the last two films in the current, 2013/14 season, on Monday, 6 January, and Monday 20 January, you will also be able to see them for the membersí ticket price. Existing members renewing their subscriptions by 31 January can do so for only £8.

Non-members are welcome at club films but pay the Playhouse Cinemaís normal ticket prices.

1st January 2014


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